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The International Chinese Fine Arts Council (ICFAC) works with industry leaders, politicians, artists, collectors and connoisseurs to cultivate the culture of the Chinese Diaspora on every continent, and educate and expose the general public to contemporary Chinese aesthetic. The following are partners helping the ICFAC fulfill its mission of highlighting China’s artistic reach beyond its economic and political purview.

Diamond Sponsor
Mr. and Mrs. Franklin Tse

Gold Sponsor
Neighbors Against Drug Trafficking

Silver Sponsor
U-Smiling Property Management

Bronze Sponsor
The United Chinese News of Florida
Judge John Gaudiosi

Special Thanks:

Jonathan Kuo, Angie Fellers, Tam Do, Scott Gassman, Anthony Japour, Jason Shelton, Sylvia Lu, Mingwei Sun, Irene Gao, Jennifer Tse, Hugh Sam, Peishih Juan, Vicky Ann Cheung, Jipsy, Dejha Carrington, Jillian Mayer, Annette Fromm, Paul O'Donnel, Tom Laroc, Yuri Tuma, Tiffany Chestler, T.J. Sabo, Lexing Zhang