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The International Chinese Fine Arts Council was formed in 2006 by two Chinese families, one from Taiwan and the other from China. Our purpose is to create domestic and global understanding of Chinese culture through different lenses of the arts. As a way to engage and educate the general public about contemporary Chinese aesthetic and modern sensibility, we support all Chinese academies worldwide despite of political boundaries, and Western-influenced artists whom may have trained in the Eastern Chinese tradition. In addition, we work with industry leaders, galleries, artists and diplomats to expose Chinese arts to the United States and abroad in order to help foster an understanding of contemporary Chinese art through its intrinsic and transnational aesthetic. ICFAC encourages a sense of belonging and communication among the Chinese Diaspora on every continent - bridging the vast cultural gaps with the Nation’s rich tradition and modern elegance.


Founder/Director/Chief Curator

For the past two years, Suen has overseen and served as director of the International Chinese Fine Arts Council (ICFAC). She first learned about art from her grandfather, a Chinese painter and calligrapher. Suen holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Industrial Design from the University of Illinois and completed coursework in Decorative Art and Design at the Parsons School of Design in New York.

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Mr and Mrs. Nan and Diane Zhou are originally from China. Mr. Zhou is a violinist that has studied his craft since the age of ten. He is a member of the Illinois Philharmonic festival and has been teaching music for the past 25 years. In 1989 he founded American Strings, Inc., a Chicago-based after-school program devoted to the instruction of students in the musical arts. Mrs. Zhou is a founding member of the Chinese Fine Arts Society (CFAS), an organization that promotes Chinese music, art and culture in the Chicago area, Zhou has a lead role in arranging CFAS’s annual “All Chinese Music Concert,” which showcases Chinese composers, instruments and performers during Asian Heritage Month.

Mr. and Mrs. Eric and Helena Suen moved to the states from Taiwan. Eric Suen helped found the Chinese Fine Arts Society (CFAS) to foster the growth of Chinese art among young people in Chicago. Through the CFAS, Mr. Suen has produced a number of musical programs, including the Confucius music competition, an effort that produced a full-scale orchestra from musicians of all ages and levels of abilities in a matter of two weeks. Helena Suen has dedicated her spare time to the mission of highlighting and teaching Chinese Fine Arts to the Diaspora Chinese in the United States. In her capacity as a founder and board member of the Chinese Fine Arts Society, she has continuously devoted her organizational and managerial skills to its community outreach programs, including served as director of the Silk Music Camp and general director of Chinese UNITY-2009.